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The Business Model of R2X

The new concept blockchain platform for use real life with fast, secure system

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Welome to R2X World!

It is important to realize very complex and exquisite technology for process massive transaction at once. With the technology of R2X and its blockchain, we are ready for improve the value of R2X via make the ecosystem of the whole city with R2X blockchain.

The Business Model of R2X

R2X, the cryptocurrency based 4th blockchain technology, pursues ultimate reality world with flexible block size, fast transaction, and solid security. R2X is ready for construct all trading ecosystem processing in real life.

R2X block chain

The board of blockchain is collapsed. We can experience all trades in the blockchain world, already doing in real life.

R2X Super Node

The variable node, based AI algorithm, that can include various blockchain platform.

What is R2X?

R2X is the revolution of 4th industry.
R2X provides the ecosystem with trustful technology, so people can use R2X platforms fast and secure in real life.

Smart Wallet

In the application, R2X has main 7 functions(cancel, delay, reserve, and so on) and additional functions(add to favorites, add nicknames, etc.). Based on its functions, R2X is available to easy trading.

R2X’s exclusive technology (POK)

R2X fortifies strong points and overcomes weak points from previous proof methods(such as POW or POS based proof method). Especially, R2X's dual-security, could block all attacks from hackers, is specialized technology of R2X.

R2X is finance

It's safe

It's fast

It's simple

R2X is innovation

R2X Smart System

Very fast

Transfer speed is very important for blockchain.
The trades simultaneously occured in the world make very fast, without any limitation.


With new concept of distribution and multi-layer security system, R2X is available to distribute security at each stage, and fortified other security points.


R2X can protect your assets, using delay transfer function, cancel, reservation, notification, and nickname service

Intelligent Transaction

10 million, 100 million, 1000 million… no problem.
You can process your task very fast...anywhere, anytime... with R2X


All coins and tokens transfer into R2X coin via R2X Smart Wallet, and you can R2X coin whenever and wherever you are in.

Smart Wallet

RTX Wallet, using Smart Wallet technology, trade the value of coins with full-duplex, then you can use Payment function as the sequences and types you want to.



  • Whitepaper ver 0.1
  • Start to sale R2X  
  • Develop interchain
  • Register POK patent


  • Compelete R2X distribution
  • POK initialize
  • Upload tech roadmap


  • RealizeSmart wallet
  • Extend POK interface


  • Whitepaper ver 0.2
  • Config main network 
  • Complete R2X mainnet
  • Realize Super Node
  • Realize Smart wallet

    2019 Q1

  • Extend mainnet node
  • Add R2X Dapp
  • Super Node scalability
  • R2X certifation API

    2019 Q2

  • Extend R2X platform
  • Realize R2X ecosystem
  • Build commercialization platform
  • Build R2X Network


  • Enjoy R2X!



Gilbert Keisse

International Financial Consultant Master degree in International Marketing

-Nancy Reagan Foundation in USA as Financial Advisor -Special Assistant President of Africa -Independent International Financial Consultant for Several companies and humanitarian -Dr. Oppenheimer Bio-remediation Services Manager in USA -AIDAECO’DEV - NGO in FRANCE as CFO / AIDAECO’DEV -HONG KONG AIDA ECO’DEV TRUST (NGO) Treasurer

Xavier Jeruse

European Union Business Consultant

-France & Asia, Project Financing Consultants ODBT & EFE Venture avec Project Finance Manager -France & Asia Project Finance Consultant -Financial Manager for Overseas Development Bank Projects , R&D Industry Manager

Marcos Wolman

International Business Developer

Experts in Business Strategy and Management - CEO and owner of Leumi Bank in Canada - Director of Toronto, Canada and Latam ; Executive Vice President of Leumi Bank, Switzerland - Private Bank Vice Chairman, Managing Director (Customer Responsibility : USD 500,000,000) - Chief executive in mutual funds, stock sales and marketing

Cyril Martique French

International Business Developer

-IDeA SAS - Vice President of Business Development and Finance, Vertek Systems Argentina Argentina New Renewable Energy Wall Chief Financial Officer -Chief Executive Officer of Vertek Systems Argentine Business Development -Prevoir Group - Vice President, Business Development, Asia -Responsible for the understanding of Paraguay's innovative technologies, electrical production -CNP Assurances (top 15 life insurance) Monitoring IFRS implementation in all the group. Asset CNP over € 30 billion



Kyungmin Yoon

DMpay Development
Mining Type-POK Developers
Statement of Financial Services Commission Chairman / 2018.2.18
Global Enterprise Target / 2018.3.23


  •   What is a Token?
  •   In general, Token refers to Digital Asset used by DApp built on Blockchain Technology.
    The token can be owned by anyone and can be transferred to others if there is an exchange like the Sky Assets Exchange (SAEX) of the R2X Platform in Digital Assets.
    The token can represent digital assets with value for all contents in R2X's various Clouds (DApp).
    A trust basis is valued in cryptocurrency because they provide a way to create the tokens that are immutable, distributed and counterfeit-proof.

  •   What is RTX?
  • RTX (Reality To X Token) is a Token built on the R2X Platform. We use the Ethereum-based ERC20 standard Token prior to Main Net.
    RTX is designed for the utility usage of various applications such as R2X Platform, SAEX, and Cloud.

  •   What is the policy on incentives?
  • Basic default incentives and RIRS Incentives by applying Ranking System.

    Basic Incentives
    R2X Compensation policy for nodes participating in Blockchain Network. RIRS Incentives
    Follows the compensation standard that is paid based on the RIRS (R2X Incentives Ranking System) standard. RIRS analyzes the cumulative evaluation data (RTX transaction volume, SAEX transaction volume, Ranking System Volume, and Freezing Fee), predicts the optimal future demand issuance quantity, and evaluates it based on the five elements of Ranking Algorithm. 5 factors of Ranking Algorithm
    NP : Number of Points (Like Upvotes or Likes)
    NC : Number of Comments
    NV : Number of Views
    Tcc : Time since Creation Contents
    Tlu : Time since Last Update

    This incentive policy will appropriately balance the token distribution. And the RIRS can promote positive operations for the network while suppressing contradictive activities.

  •   When can I get a RTX Token?
  •   The RTX tokens are being distributed to personal wallets in for those who participated in the way we informed you in the official email

      The distributed RTX Tokens swap with ERC20 RTX tokens will be processed sequentially to each personal wallets like MyetherWallet around March 15, 2018.
      The swap related messages will be announced through tutorials and public notices.

      There will be a public notice at if the schedule needs to be changed.

  •    Token Specification
  • •   What is the total quantity of RTX Token?
    6,000,000,000 RTX total supply

    •   What are the sales quantities and open mining quantities of RTX Tokens?
    ublic Sales: 1,600,000,000 RTX
    Open Mining: 3,200,000,000 RTX

    Distribution of 1,000,000,000 RTX
    - Foundation 12% : r2x communications; operating costs
    - Bounty 12% : Marketing
    - Team Advisor 6% : Team Advisor Incentive
    - Technology Development 6% : Blockchain & Platform development, DApp develpoment & SAEX Operating, Up-grade.
    - Strategy Partner 4% : R2X Global Business expansion & RTX marketing expansion

    The 10% of RTX Token given to Team Advisor(6%) and Strategy Partner(4%) will be frozen for 6 months.

  •    Offering Summary
  • •   Currency Accepted : ETH Only
    Ethereum is accepted during Token Sale

    •   Rights
    - No voting or membership rights
    - No sharing of revenue, dividends etc.
    •   Refunds – None

    •   Is there a limit on the minimum purchase amount or the maximum purchase amount on the RTX Token?
    Minimum purchase amount is 5 ETH. The maximum purchase amount is limited to 10,000 ETH regardless of individual or agency. These restrictions are intended to encourage the sale of tokens, but to prevent large volumes from being concentrated on a specific individual, group or organization.

    •   When can I get a RTX Token?
    It will be transfer to MyEtherWallet as an ERC20 Token after March 4, 2018. There will be a public announcement at for changes on schedule.

  •    Where is the R2X Foundation headquarter located?
  • •  R2X Foundation: 1111 Babcock Rd. San Antonio Texas 78201 U.S.A
        M. +1 210-636-6217

  •   What is PoK (Proof Of Key)?
  •   PoK (Proof of Key) is a new concept Blockchain Consensus Protocol/Algorithm applied to R2X. We introduced Emergent Consensus (A consensus derivation method in which nodes in an independent network all follow the same rules, resulting in asynchronous and interactive results and reliable implementation of distributed books), an advantage of the POW( Proof of Work) system, PoS (Proof of Stake) was developed to complement some of the weaknesses.
    PoK (Proof Of Key) is a new standard that can accept Smart Nodes(The Key owner) that are qualified to participate in authentication of transaction requests broadcasted on Blockchain Network.
    In other words, it minimizes the waste of energy (power) required for operation while reducing the investment of huge cost for purchase of mining machine in POW system. PoK (Proof of Key) is a way to improve the disadvantage of concentrating on those who have a lot of shares (Token.)

      It will provide a foundation for the acceptance of the compensation policy that can be an even distribution to the participants and the care of the global environment through energy saving. PoK has been developed with the aim of the next generation of the Blockchain Consensus Protocol which focuses on strengthening security and improves insufficiencies.

    Please, refer to the white paper for details.

  •   What kind of problem does PoK (Proof of Key) solve?
  •   The various DApp have been created and continue to be developed throughout the implementation of Blockchain technology, on the other hand, the number of malicious attacks on the system is also growing.

    The PoK focuses on security especially on Sybil attack by applying the physical Key in order to have access to the system.
    The Keys are eligible to be obtained by the Client in a legitimite manner.
    The digital Signature using private key is included in communication with Super Node, so that Blockchain Network System can be safely maintained.

    The advantage of this approach is that it is possible to maintain security in the most vulnerable situations in a decentralized, open platform.
    In other words, when the network is initiated before a strong network is formed, the hash power in the network can be obtained with small effort/cost.
    On the other hand, the PoK approach is a physical approach that reduces risk and improves security.

  •   What are the advantages of the PoK (Proof of Key) method applied to R2X compared to existing algorithms such as POW and POS?
  •   In the conventional agreement algorithm like POW and POS, we have to overcome limitations on performance and scalability because authenticity/validity and priority of the block is assigned by when all the participating nodes agree on it.

      PoK has taken advantage of the existing consensus algorithm and has made a structure that can reduce the communication error between the nodes scattered around the world.

      We have created a structure that can reduce communication errors and speed up the communication speed between nodes scattered around the world.

      For more information, see the white paper.

  •   How does decentralized governance work?
  •   100 million of R2X Token (RTX) is used in Foundation, Bounty, Team Advisor, Technology Development, Strategy Partner, etc.
      160 millions of RTX tokens are available through Token Sale Event.

      For more information on the Token Sale Event, please check at to receive updates about the event, the detailed information will be sent by E-mail.

  •    Token Specification
  •   The R2X Project has begun with the spirit of dedication towards society. It is still in progress, but as this project progresses, the intention will become a reality. Basically, in R2X, we have been working to affiliate Decentralized Governance in our system.
      R2X Project is the area where you have to research and experiment continuously as long as it exists.

      Cloud (DApp) connected to Sky Chain Network operates independently under its control. The requested contents are sent to the Sky Nodes through RCN (R2X Cloud Network) & Sky Chain Network Communicator when Network Channels with other Clouds are created. You can share information between Clouds participating in Network Channels.

      The components that violate Decentralized Governance can be excluded in Sky Chain Network System, and all Clouds will have equal status. Also, the demand and supply volume of the SAEX (Sky Asset Exchange) is not limited to operate based on SAEX's scalable structure. Incentives are required to maintain the Sky Chain Network System. The clients who use the service will pay the fee corresponding to the content or currency transaction, Sky Node & SAEX, which are responsible for maintaining the Sky Chain Network System, are designed to receive compensation based on the RIRS (R2X Incentive Ranking System) according to their contribution. RIRS has various criteria such as the volume of transactions by SAEX and the load factor of the Sky Node.

    The R2X Project is autonomous. The SkyNode, RCN, Sky Chain, SAEX, and so on, we are making an effort to implement a structure that is not centralized on distributed components.

      The Clouds participating in the Sky Chain Network will be able to trade in a variety of ways, and the benefits to everyone participating in the R2X ecosystem will be maximized as the utility value increases.

  •   When is the Open Source available?
  •   We will release the alpha version of the R2X Platform before the Main Net of R2X and perform the work of supplementing the Private Network Channel through a sufficient amount of test. These include testing for security, speed, decentralization, scalability testing, UI quality, real-time payment accessibility, R2X Incentive Ranking System (RIRS) responsiveness, and the functionality of RPCS (R2X Public Cloud Service) Tool.

      The Beta will be released after completing the function test for each process in the alpha version of the integration, and then it will be released to the R2X Blockchain Network Channel, and the Open Source Code will be released.

    Q3. 2018. Open Source of R2X Blockchain
    Q4. 2018. Main Net of R2X

  •    Smart Node
  •   The client has the Key that works with the R2X variable platform system and becomes a Smart Node when the network is activated. The client participates validation steps and certification on R2X Blockchain Network.

  •    Super Node(Full Node)
  •   The Super node contains full blockchain (entire Block from Genesis block to Latest block) oversees MegaBlock via BDTP. It connects to multiple Smart Nodes and connects to Smart Wallet via SCVM (Smart Contract Virtual Machine).

      The Smart nodes (after emergent consensus) containing authentication information broadcasts to the Super Node Network, and when a match of 51% or more is confirmed, a block is created and added to the blockchain. At the same time, it sends the latest generated block to BDTP to control the operation of transforming and inverse transforming into Megablock.

      Super Node coordinates between Blockchain and Megablock and maintains stability in response to variables. Super Nodes can't participate because they do not have the right to vote in the decision making through verification and authentication between Smart Nodes.

      The information on incentive changes in RIRS is broadcasted to the network, and the information is used to decide whether to reflect through the voting between Super Nodes.

  •   BDTP(Blockchain Digest Transmission Protocol)
  •   BDTP is a Blockchain Digest Transmission Protocol that has a close relationship between Blockchain and Megablock via Super Node.

      The Super Node generates a block by transaction verification and authentication between Smart Nodes(Emergent Consensus).
    Also, BDTP plays an important role in transforming and inversely transforming the latest generated blocks into Megablocks.

  •    Quest Gate
  •   Quest Gate (part of BDTP) is a gateway between Super Node and Megablock. There is a Data Buffer, which is operated by BDTP and has both unidirectional and bidirectional characteristics.
    Multilayer Databus Hyper Logic (MDHL) technology helps BDTP to work.

  •    Megablock
  •   It is created in the Super Node.
    The Mega block has a role as a block for storing information (transaction records, contents) modified via BDTP. It can be accessed only through BDTP.

  •    Smart Wallet
  •   The Smart Wallet has evolved from the concept of a simple wallet application. It connects to Smart Node and RNS (R2X Name Service) to provide users with new and convenient services.

      Smart Wallet is designed to give you easy access and understanding of transaction history and balance.It made possible for users to trade the way they want by selecting options when requesting a transaction. It also has a function to connect with other Smart Wallets that has different wallet addresses, so that users can scan all the assets in one Smart Wallet.

    Please refer to our white paper.

  •    Cloud
  •   Nodes (Smart Nodes & Super Nodes) are associated units constructed with the same purpose. It operates with independent governance. This includes DApp within R2X platform.

  •    RCN(R2X Cloud Network)
  •   It is a combination of connections that exchanges signals with the Sky Node periodically and shares information.

  •   Sky Node
  •   It is part of the Sky Chain aimed at coordination with RCN to verify the trade between Clouds. However, it cannot participate in decisions of clouds.
      It has the function to exchange rate and value coordination. It has power to verifying transactions and generating deals in real-time and promises agreements. (delayed, scheduled)

      Each Sky Node operates independently under the same Artificial Intelligence Consensus Algorithm (AICA).

  •    Sky Chain
  •   Various types of Clouds are interconnected via RCN.
      Sky chain includes Sky Nodes for configuring their own governance to validate transactions occurring between clouds.

  •    SCVM(Smart Contract Virtual Machine)
  •   SCVM is a virtual machine that can be implemented in R2X Platform Management and can implement Smart Contract. R2X blockchain system has an inter-connecting structure but operates independently.

      To create a system that can be applied to real life, it plays an important role in connection and coordination between Smart Wallet, RCN and Super Node and Clouds in real time.

      SCVM is equipped with an algorithm(State Variable Algorithm) that allows addressing in various situations where changes are made to a Smart Contract with a new cloud or a Smart Contract with an existing Cloud. Therefore, it is possible to immediately cope with the situation by simply updating the state variable when it occurs.

      It is easy to distribute Smart Contract through Communicator, which enhances the convenience of users who want to build Cloud.

  •    Platform Management
  •   Platform Management is equipped with the Multi-cloud Management Platform Algorithm, which allows users easy access where Cloud is connected.
      The UI (User Interface) based Dashboard optimizes selection and management functions. It is built to integrate and manage the Public Cloud Service.

      The R2X Public Cloud Service (RPCS) Tool helps accelerate cloud development and enables smooth connection to existing clouds.

  •    Communicator
  •   It allows Clouds containing individual Governance & Blockchain to share info & Contents changes to other clouds that based Sky Chain and RCN.
      It is divided into public communicator and private communicator. The cloud is open to all clouds via public communicator participating in the network.
      Private Communicator configures channels specific to each cloud, such as between individual Clouds or Clouds in group, and acts as a communicator within it.

  •    SAEX(Sky Asset Exchange)
  •   The Sky Asset Exchange System is a decentralized exchange that combines the advantages of Centralized Exchange with the convenience, accessibility, and other advanced trading capabilities. It provides a new NG-DEM (Next Generation Decentralized Exchange Market)
      A new generation decentralized exchange that uses convergence algorithms to distinguish from other exchanges that are still at the entry level.

      SAEX is the Public Sky chain Network Exchange using the Sky Chain Network that connects individual governance & blockchains. It uses RTX as the base currency.
      The Exchange is based on Transaction Analysis Artificial Intelligent, which provides an efficient trading model by analyzing the IDP (Integrated Digest Protocol) installed on the R2X Platform and the frequency, price, and transaction volume.
      R2X Platform-based Clouds can participate in NG-DEM (Next Generation Decentralized Exchange Market) linked to Public Sky Chain Network by receiving SAEX Code that is IDP and transaction analysis A.I.

      It provides the average transaction price of Exchange Reserve Data (ERD) and provides various types of trading functions from the transaction model that goes to the next stage when the transaction is approved. This model maximizes the convenience of SAEX users by inducing autonomous influx and exchange by arbitrage transaction.
      Also, CMS (Coin Mixing Service - Anonymous Transaction Function) is provided to increase transaction anonymity.

      It can apply Cloud Multi-Signature Escrow System that is distributed at the time of NG-DEM construction.
       SAEX broadcasts requested transaction to SAEX linked to the Sky Chain Network, SAEX confirms its correspondence through the process of verification of the information in Sky Node.

      Then the transaction is decrypted and sends them to PSNEM. Now the transaction is valid.
      This method creates a structure in which the user's personal information is protected and can be traded without disclosure. In addition, because it is dispersed through Sky Nodes, the preservation of personal information is very safe.

      The various types of Crypto-Currency can apply in real life, and users can trust the system as the participating Cloud and User increases in SAEX system.
      There are many inconveniences involved in dealing with various types of Blockchain and consensus algorithms that are not linked to the Sky Chain Network.   Because it needs flexible interconnection with various consensus algorithms.
      It can be accessed by the trading method using RTX conversion.
      The final model we are pursuing is building a decentralized trading system that does not require an RTX as intermediation.

  •   What language is used for Platform and Sky Chain and SCVM to facilitate cloud deployment?
  •   R2X's Platform Management includes the Multi-cloud Management Platform Algorithm.
    The R2X Public Cloud Service (RPCS) Tool provides a platform to accelerate cloud development.

      Python is basically used, and it can receive and execute compiled code when expanding the scope of support other languages such as Java in the future.

  •   How can I participate in Cloud development?
  •   Currently, participation in Cloud Development is only available for partners who have the contract with R2X.
    The public will be able to participate according to the roadmap provided in the future.

  •   Can I use the Smart Contract feature when using DApp not connected to Sky Chain?
  •   No. Currently, you can not use the Smart Contract feature with DApp that is not connected to Sky Chain.

  •   What language is used for Platform and Sky Chain and SCVM to facilitate cloud deployment?
  •   R2X's Platform Management includes the Multi-cloud Management Platform Algorithm.
    The R2X Public Cloud Service (RPCS) Tool provides a platform to accelerate cloud development.

      Python is basically used, and it can receive and execute compiled code when expanding the scope of support other languages such as Java in the future.